The softest sponge
to create a
FilterLike™ finish

Beauty is comfort
Mochi Sponge

The Mochi Sponge has been created from high quality, hydrophilic foam to allow for an ultra soft sensation and optimal bounce - just like a Mochi. It balances and achieves both comfort and a seamless, streak free application. It has been carefully designed to leave you with an enhanced complexion.

Watch our Mochi
Sponge in action

Highly durable
Advanced formulation strengthens sponge to prevent tears and breakages.
Minimal absorption
Smooth and tiny pore barrier prevents absorption of makeup

Shape matters

After countless trials and testing, the unique shape of the Mochi Sponge was specially incorporated into the design to achieve the highest level of softness. We found that the rounded form was an important aspect in maintaining the full pillow-like sensation of the makeup sponge while being able to expand larger in size to cover more surface area.

We wanted to bring to you quick, smooth, flawless application to create long lasting wear throughout the day while being kind to your skin.

Experience the softness

Mochi Sponge
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Mochi Precision Sponge
from $10.00
Sponge Cleansing Balm

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Mochi Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Original and Precision Mochi Sponge Bundle

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