Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle
Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle

Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle

Regular price$30.00

At a Glance

Soft and bouncy

Premium Hydrophilic material

Flawless FilterLike™ finish

Unique sponge texture finish

Minimal absorption

Miniscule pores


Strengthened material formulation

The Mochi Precision Sponge Bundle comes in a pack of 4 sponges to give you a little bit more extra value. The sponge is the perfect blending tool to create an even and flawless application - providing an enhanced complexion. It has been designed to have a more concise application for more focused results. 

The advanced formulation of our Mochi Precision Sponge strengthens the sponge to prevent excess tears and breakages while being able to expand up to about 2.5x its original size when wet - providing a larger surface area for quick and easy application on the fly. The small pore barrier design provides a lower makeup absorption rate of makeup.

  • Flat edge for indented zones, a round body for larger surfaces, and a pointed tip for blemishes
  • Cruelty-free, and vegan
  • Safe for sensitive skin 
  • Suits all makeup  bases including creams, powders, and liquid
  • Dry and wet dual usage
  • Expands 2.5x its original size

Soft. Precise. Durable. 

The Mochi Precision Sponge can be used both dry and wet with dry application creating a more smooth finish and wet application creating a more dewy finish.

1. Wet the Mochi Precision Sponge (for wet use) and squeeze out excess water
2. Use the Mochi Precision Sponge to apply makeup onto the skin and gently bounce for seamless coverage

Tip: Use the flat edge for hard-to-reach areas such as near the under eyes, the round body for larger surfaces that need more coverage such as the cheeks, and the tip for more precise blending such as blemishes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Phebe S.

All time favourite sponge.. soft and expanded really big. Didn't soak in any makeup which is a bonus!

Sara k.
Damaged product

Package arrived damaged, two of them were deformed in the packaging. Other than that, the sponges are pretty good.

Hi Sara,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know about this! We're so sorry that your order arrived damaged.

If you could please kindly email with an image of the damaged sponges and packaging, we would like to replace the products free of charge.

We'll also notify UPS to ensure that this doesn't happen again!.

Thank you so much for your understanding and hope to hear from you soon.

Ruby T.
Just what I needed

after hearing my friend raved about this, I decided to buy it and try it out. These sponges ticks all the boxes for me, really soft, had a nice application and didn't absorb much makeup.

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