About Us

Boncle Beauty is an Australian founded brand and was created based on pursuing a newfound comfort and longevity with application of beauty products. After years of conforming to using market range makeup sponges that just didn’t feel soft enough and in turn felt like constantly adding to build-up damage to the skin. This was especially applicable for individuals applying makeup on a daily basis. And for individuals who don’t apply makeup as frequently and wanted that little extra touch once in a while; we wanted to elevate that experience and create a makeup sponge that was soft, comfortable and efficient in order to make that rare occasion more seamless and enjoyable for them by eliminating any applicator-related issues. 

The health and complexion of our skin is extremely important, and we don’t want to be damaging anyone’s uniquely beautiful natural palettes. The concept of Boncle Beauty was to create a sponge that encapsulates this idea to care for the skin and consider the long-lasting effects of constant makeup application and to minimise damage to the natural elasticity of the skin.

Applying makeup can also be a complicated process and a learning curve for beginners. We were on a mission to provide an applicator that brought a sense of comfort with both form, provision for multi-usability and being user-friendly. 

With this ethos in mind, countless rounds of testing and searching for the perfect material, we produced the Mochi Sponge and the Mochi Precision Sponge.  The applicators are made of premium hydrophilic foam material to achieve a FilterLike™ finish. The Mochi Sponge is rounder than other applicators on the market to create a Mochi like sensation as well as to accommodate for the material finish. Our sponges encapsulates the concept for the user to have fun, be bold and, most of all, be comfortable.

Our Vision

Here to make a difference. A sponge that has real, effective solutions and stands out from the crowd while solving an issue you didn’t think could be fixed. A brand to deliver products aimed for you and not at you. We aim to create and expand our range to produce more quality products to elevate your everyday tasks because beauty is comfort

Giving back

We want to be a reflection of our customers and strongly believe in giving back to the community. We will be donating 1% of all sales (not profit) to The Cancer Research Institute. We may be a small business but even a small percentage can help make a difference and contribute to a larger cause. Read more about The Cancer Research Institute here and join us in making a difference